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Project GE Summary

Project GE is a small text-based fantasy RPG game for the web.
This game is purely web-based, meaning it can be access from any device that has an internet connection and browser!

We are currently working on the main foundation of the website. This foundation can be accessed if you have been given a serial key.
We will have many features for you to enjoy! Once the main features are complete and the game is ready, it will be Free to Play.
These include:

  • The main story/lore that you can follow!
  • Guild system to join guilds made by other community members! (Joining guilds will give you extra perks when fighting mobs!)
  • Mob system to fight mobs, gain exp and levels while contributing to your guild points! (Points will make your guild a powerful guild)
  • Inventory systems, NPC Stores and so many more features...

At the moment, there are only six people working on Project GE:

  • Ashley Scott: Founder/owner and programmer for GE.
  • Jordan Shaw: Front-end designer of the GE website.
  • Jordan Knights: Game designer, the guy who creates the mobs/quests and various game-play ideas.
  • Elijah Rosier: Programmer for GE.
  • Eskwyre: Working on GE lore mobs and balancing GE.
  • Kelton Morgan: Story/quest writer, giving the game a lore.
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